Free Amortization Schedule Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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If you already have an organized and arranged list of the types of money payment that you’ve received from a few people, then you’re definitely going to need this free amortization schedule template, which is highly useful in terms of graphical representation and description concerning the loans, principal and interest that you’ve received from people.

Through this free amortization schedule template, you’ll be able to have a clear and concrete document that can fully help you in terms of trying to analyze and understand the huge block of information that you’ve wrote down when following the structure of the document itself.

Amortization Schedule Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Amortization Schedule Template


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The amortization schedule template is very connected to the previous template that was introduced, which is the loan amortization template, because through the use of the first document, you’ll be able to clearly distinguish the second template through the help of graphical representations and etc. This kind of document is often used by financial businesses or by banks, because it tracks the flow of money that are coming in and out of people’s hands. It can last for days, months and sometimes even years, depending on the loan that this people have borrowed. Now, this schedule template is very strict in the details, because once your client misses a certain deadline, then it can greatly affect the date that you expected the loan business to be finished. Through this template, you’ll also be able to see the interest rate that you’ll earn from lending money to those people. Now the difference between this template and the previous template is the fact that this document talks more about the schedule and the graphs included alongside it. The first thing you’re also going to see is a small table, which involves the amount, the term in months, the interest rate per year, and the payment start date. This serves as a minor overview of the whole process of lending and paying the amount back.

On the top half of the amortization schedule template, you’ll be able to see the pie graph which shows the interest and the principal. This is to help you distinguish what you’ve given away and what you’ve earned. On the bottom half of the template, you’ll be able to see the essence of the document itself, which is the table containing the schedule. If the client who borrowed you in the first place follows the schedule efficiently and correctly then they’ll be able to finish in due time. However, if they don’t, it can be calculated in the next sheet, which is a lot more detailed than the graph and table combined. The second sheet contains the full details of the paying off that’s been going on, which is commendable, considering that a large sum of money is expected to be involved. So, if you start using this kind of template, you’ll be able to have a fully organized, properly arranged and heavily detailed document which will help you keep track of the money that’s coming into your hands by the people who borrowed them in the first place.

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