Free Attendance Sheet Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Now everybody has a little bit of trouble with attendance, especially in school. So how are we supposed to make it easier for the ones checking the attendances of too many students in one classroom? Easy. We use our free attendance sheet template.

Through our free attendance sheet template, you will have less trouble keeping track of people in your class because it’s easy to input if they were absent or not. And the percentage at the very last is done automatically.

Attendance Sheet Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Attendance Sheet Template


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Now there are a lot of teachers out there, especially in the college area, who use the attendance of the students in their class as additional points or basis for their final grade. But with the huge amount of students and not to mention the different classes that they are placed under, it’s going to be quite difficult for them to keep track and compute the final percentage of the grade at the very end. That’s why with this attendance sheet template, it’ll be easier for you teachers out there to get what you want from the students because everything is automatically just inputted into the template itself. So we highly encourage teachers out there to get a copy of this template if they ever wish to have less burden when it comes to the computation of the attendance grades of their students.

This attendance sheet template is fairly very easy to understand. The first thing you’ll take notice of is the details of the subject/course of the class that you’re teaching, and then closely followed by the when that semester took place. Information about the group/section and the entire specific month of the year is also much needed at the top in order to have less confusion if you have another template for another section. The next thing you’re going to see is the table for the students under your class. They have their numbers, their ID numbers, their name or full name and the days for the entire month. Like if it’s the month of February then you’re only going to have 28 slots for the X marks. You’re also going to mark if they were present on that specific day using the X mark, which is easier to see and less messy than other forms of marking. Also, it’s the standard for the template as well. The total will also be inputted once everything has been completed so you’ll know exactly how many absences this student has during that specific month. And in the very last column, once everything has been put into detail, you will have a the total percentage of their attendance once everything has been finished. Thus, making it very easy for you to work as a teacher in the first place. So what are you waiting for? Get this template now!

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