Free Basic Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Every company or business, if there are any transactions or services involved, should have a template meant for invoices. This is very crucial because an invoice serves as a receipt and a breakdown of the transactions. Now with our free basic invoice template, you’ll have the opportunity to list down all the details regarding the services which you’ve rendered to your customers.

This free basic invoice template helps and serves you at the same time. It’s a template which seems very basic, which is a good thing for beginners to companies or businesses. It’s a template that doesn’t necessarily need to be used for one type of service or anything like that. It’s basic so therefore, it can be used by anyone.

Basic Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Basic Invoice Template


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This basic invoice template is a good start for anybody who just recently started their very own business. There aren’t necessarily any specific details about this template which makes it stand out like the rest. It’s very basic in a sense that anybody with any kind of company or business will be able to use this template. Like all the other templates, the title and company logo should be stated at the very top. This serves to please your eyes and make it easier for you to differentiate from other invoices. On the very top of the template is the list of details pertaining to the company’s street address, city address with matching zip code, phone, fax and website. This is highly important, because your customers need to know where to find you if they have any inquiries about their forms. Also information regarding the customer’s whereabouts have also been specified so that you’ll be able to know where to contact them exactly. Details about the date of when the document was issued, the invoice number, the customer ID, the purchase order, the due date of the payment have also been enclosed in the document.

After the details and information about the company and the customer, you’ll find a description table waiting for you at the next part of the basic invoice template. This table will be soul of your template because this is where you’ll add in certain details about the services you’ve rendered and the transactions you’ve made with your customers. The table is very simple, without any specific instruction or descriptions, because it’s very basic. All it requires are the descriptions of the services or purchases and the amount it costs. At the end of the template are a few specific instructions for you to follow and the breakdown of the subtotal, sales tax rate, sales tax, shipping band the entire total of the transactions. With this basic form of invoice, you won’t have any trouble starting your very own business.

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