Free Basketball Roster Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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It is often one of those concerns and issues during games that the scores, the fouls committed by other teams and also including the summaries of the games are not recorded by the end of the game, thus, making the record incomplete. Good thing that this free basketball roster template just definitely works out everything you need to keep things organized and managed. Of course, there are some instances wherein the people, assigned to collect and keep the information as organized as possible, get busy and tend to forget certain details of the tasks to be done. Unfortunately, this does not only affect the flow of the game’s progress but also the future improvement of the players as a team. Therefore it is very crucial that from the personal information down to the instructions given to the players, these are well recorded.
Our free basketball roster template does not only allow you to see the complete information in and out of the game but this will also help you as a coach or a game organizer to keep track of everything that goes with the team.

Basketball Roster Template

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A basketball roster template is purposely designed to help coaches, especially the new ones to keep themselves guided with what to do, therefore accomplishing the task properly. With this template, it is even easier to collect the important information about the players. You can get their names, email address, phone numbers and even their jersey numbers. On the first tab of this template are the spaces where you have to fill in the player’s team color, team name, and team number. What is even impressive with the template is that you get to put the schedule of your practice day and time.
Furthermore, if you are the coach of the team and you tend to get worried about whether or not the score is on the right track, the assistant coach can use the basketball roster template through the other tab which is the scorecard to input the data regarding the fouls and bonuses. This way, the score of the team will be calculated automatically. It is important that you get to know both the running scores of your team and also the opponents’ during their actual games so that you are aware how the team works. Another advantage of this template is that because there is this tab about the lineup, you, as the coach can use this as a visual aid for the players that auto-rotates your players, giving the each of them a chance to know every function of a player’s position. Just one click of entering the starting lineup, the rest of the task will be done automatically. Additionally, the instructions on the other tab of this template can also help your players further ahead of time which will really be a great aid.

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