Free Bill Of Lading Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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When it comes to transporting and receiving shipments full of goods and services, then you’re definitely in need of our free bill of lading template. This document is a highly important part of the legal documents that are involved with the shipping goods. Without it, then there is no such authority or responsibility within the carriers or transporters.

In this free bill of lading template, you’ll have the simplest document given to you yet because that is what you require. Not a document that is sore to the eyes or have too many details but a simple template which will cater all of your needs, regardless of it being basic.

Bill Of Lading Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Bill Of Lading Template


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If the bill of lading template isn’t enclosed along with the details of the shipping goods and services, then there is, without a doubt, no proper authority or registration for the shipper or the carrier to have them in the first place. It’s a sign of legality and transparency and not to mention, completely organized. Without the template itself, you’ll have difficulty in managing all of the proper papers regarding the shipment, which might lead to trouble in the future. Now, in the template itself, it’s easily understandable. You have the company logo at the very top, along with the company information about the bill of lading number, the date, the company name, the address, the city, the state, the address, the zip code, and the phone number. It’s extremely helpful to have these kinds of information already printed on top because it benefits the shipper and the receiver of the shipment.

Now, on the lower half of the bill of lading template, you’ll find two sets of tables meant for two different parties of the shipment: which are the shipper and the consignee. The details regarding the two are very similar in its content, such as the code number, the name, the address, the city, the state, the ZIP code, the country, the phone number. Under the shipper section, you’ll see a section set aside for the ocean vessel, port of loading, and port of discharge. On the other hand, you’ll find the VOY no., place of receipt, and place of delivery. Special instructions, if there are any, have also been given its very own space at the bottom of these two sections. Following that is the table which will enclose all details about what is inside the container, such as the mark number, container number, seal number, number of package/container, description, gross weight and measurement. A total amount can be seen at the very bottom as well. A breakdown of details has also been enclosed, which talks about the C.O.D. amount, fee prepaid, fee collect, and freight charges. Lastly, the template is fully completed with the signatures of the shipper and the consignee, along with the dates of when they signed it.

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