Free Billable Hours Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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In the world full of paychecks and hourly rates, time is of the essence. It is practically the most important thing you could ever have when you’re working because time equals work. And through proper management of your time will you be able to take in the chance of becoming richer if you know how to handle the hours, minutes and seconds well. So by using our free billable hours template, you’ll be able to have the most efficient and worthy document that will help keep track of your paychecks.

You can use our free billable hours template regardless if you’re an employee or an employer. Because this template is a highly important document to have in the work document, since it’s a helpful requirement that will aid you in terms of money and time. This template can also be efficient and incredibly useful when trying to recheck your billable hours.

Billable Hours Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Billable Hours Template


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The structure and style of the billable hours template was specifically designed that way in order to make it easier for you to be able to input the necessary amount of details needed by the template itself. It’s very easy to look and therefore, easier to manage. Because once you get over the initial shock of seeing something as simple and basic as this template then you will be able to see just how incredibly satisfying it is to add in the amount of information and details. The purpose of this template is to make sure that all the payments that you receive as the person working for that client is accurate and exact to the amount of time that you’ve been working. So looking at the document itself, the first thing that you’re going to see is the information at the very top, which talks about the time period of the project and the name and ID of the person working for it. Now after adding in the necessary details, you’re going to end up finding the table at the very next part.

In the lower half of the billable hours template, you are given a table which is basically the reason why the template was made in the first place. In this table, you will have to work with many details that concern the date, the project or client name, the starting time, the ending time, the working hour, the rater per working hour, the overtime (if there are any), the rate for overtime and the total. At the last part, you are also given a section where you’ll describe the work that you’ve just done, which is incredibly important because it will give you value and essence to the job that you’ve just finished. Now the template itself will make sure that your calculations are correct and accurate, because it’s automatic. At the last part is the summary, which is basically a recap of what the details and information have talked about at the very first part, including the project/client name, the working hour, the overtime and the total. By using this template, you won’t have any difficulties with trying to find the value and rate of your work because this document does it for you.

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