Free Billing Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Every good business person or company holder needs a billing invoice. Exactly, what is the purpose of this type of template? Well, with this free billing invoice template, you’ll be able to clearly see and track the any goods and services which you will delivery and require a bill from. This is helpful in many cases, because it acts a receipt and an official statement regarding the products bought or purchased. It’s also helpful because you’ll have all the details neatly arranged in a single area.

With this free billing invoice template, we’ll offer you the best design and content you need in order for you to be a proper and good performing business person and company holder. It’s a way of helping you cope with the overload of details and information while also giving your customer their official receipt.

Billing Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Billing Invoice Template


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Like all other templates, this billing invoice template follows a pattern and structure which is easy to understand and maneuver. Everything has already been put into its right and proper place. For example, you can find the company name and logo in bold letters at the very top of your template, which is a good design and very authentic to the eye. The contact information regarding the company has also been clearly stated and it’s highly important that you input all the right information, because this is where your customers or affiliates will get your number in order to contact you about any follow-up details. On the other side is the details regarding the invoice itself, such as when it was issued, its number, the customer number, and the purchase order number. This is a good style, because it will lessen duplication. The billing and delivery address are also very important factors to this template, because you’ll need all the right information in order for the billing invoice to fall through with its shipping. Everything needs to be precise and right, because if you make a mistake, then dire consequences might happen. The billing and delivery information involves the name, the company name, the city, zip code, phone and fax contact details.

After the billing and delivery details, you’ll find yourself facing a large table in which you’ll be able to fully describe the details that are enclosed on the document. This is a very important point of the invoice writing, because you’ll be able to add in the proper information and make sure that nothing has been duplicated or repeated. The table involves details such as description, part number, quantity, unit price and amount. The table is the whole point of the billing invoice template, because this is what the customers and business people will check the most, especially in regards to the price column. That’s why in this template, you can clearly distinguish the details between two different items and understand why the prices are like that and etc. Following the description table is a small breakdown of the entirety of the whole thing in itself, which involves subtotals and taxes. Special notes and instructions have also been noted at the bottom right of the template. Now with this template, you as a business person or a company holder, will no longer have problems regarding shipping and billing details.

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