Free Blank Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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This free blank invoice template is a great starter template for anybody who’s recently just opened up their very own business or risen to the top of a new company. This template differs from others because it’s very blank in terms with the details that most people usually require. It’s simple and easy to understand, without any complications, because this is a template meant for somebody who just started and is making their way around these kinds of things.

Our free blank invoice template gives you not complete, but necessary, details about the kind of transactions you’ve exchanged with your fellow customers. It’s a way to start to start practicing your discipline regarding documents and paperwork.

Blank Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Blank Invoice Template


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The blank invoice template is similar to the basic invoice template. The only difference is that with this template, there are literally no details regarding any customer or the company itself, except for when the invoice was issued, its invoice number and the customer ID. You’ll be the one to provide such content regarding the details of the transactions. It’s your choice and therefore, you are given the option to basically add in your own information. This is very practical in a sense that when you start working in a business or in a company, it’s good to take a small step forward by making your own invoice template rather than following the style and content of other templates. It’s a good way to start practicing and managing the type of business or company you’ll be holding. Now in this template, just because it’s empty or blank, doesn’t mean you can just write whatever you want. The fact that it’s blank means that you should follow a sort of personal pattern that can help you engage yourself in paperwork and invoice writing.

With this blank invoice template, there isn’t really a structure to follow, But you are given the option to add in certain details, such as the address to where to ship this certain invoice and who the bill is supposed to go to. You can add in your own details, without a specific structure, if that’s what you want. Because this is what the purpose of the template is for. It gives you as much freedom as possible in order for you to practice your own skill and to be comfortable enough with writing invoices to your customers. Like we said, it’s a starter template. In this template, there is a table provided where you can follow through with the description of the purchases and the amount it cost. It’s empty as well, so you are given a lot of freedom to add in as much or as less details as possible. It all entirely depends on your capacity and what you want. Now, at the very end of the table is a small breakdown for the document. The breakdown involves the subtotal, the sales tax rate, the sales tax, and the shipping fee. If you’ve noticed it, there aren’t any specific instructions or details stated at the very bottom but there are a few notes that require the customer to pay the total amount in 30 days, to include the invoice number as reference and to make all checks payable to the company name. With this template, you’ll be able to practice discipline and at the same time freedom.

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