Free Blank Receipt Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Receipts are a very important part of a person’s life, especially if that person is more included in the marketing fields or the business areas of the economic status of the world. Through receipts, people are given more assurance and evidence about the things that they’ve bought. And even more so, through receipts, people can use them in order to return damaged goods or such. That’s why receipts are a valuable aspect of a person’s everyday activities. Some people like to store receipts in their bags as well, because they might need it for evidence later on. Now, this is why the free blank receipt template was introduced.

For those lesser businesses or markets that aren’t as well-known as some supermarkets or even malls and such, they use our free blank receipt template. Through this template, people will be able to use it if their customers or clients ever ask for a receipt and such. Since receipts are a well-known assurance, it’s highly possible that this will happen. So that’s why most people need documents such as these in their own minor businesses or stores.

Blank Receipt Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

blank receipt template


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The structure and format of the blank receipt template might be disorienting at first, since there are a lot of blank spaces that you have to input. In the given example of the template that we’ve used, there are red words that mark how these details and information should be inputted and such. It’s to improve the understanding and easiness one will feel whenever they have to input a lot of details for these kinds of works. This template is one of the utmost important things you’re going to use, if you’re ever going to own a business or such. Since people are very demanding and vocal in terms of the things that they buy, you as a seller should give them assurance that they can return the things they’ve bought if they are ever not satisfied or if the items that they’ve bought were in some way damaged. This template is needed to help increase transparency and practicality between the two involved in the buying and transacting of goods and services.

When you look at the blank receipt template for the first time, you’re going to see that there are three copies of the same format of the template printed in the document itself. This will help save you time and space and not to mention, payment for printing templates such as these as well. There are a lot of details involved in this specific kind of template, so you have to maximize your effort when dealing with the name, the address, the city, the state, and the ZIP code of the different people involved in the transactions. They are as follows: the company and the payer. Below that, you are given a table where you have to specify the date, the description, and the amount of the good and services that have been bought from your business or market. There is also a breakdown of the subtotal, the tax and the total as well, so that there won’t be any mistakes on your part and etc. With this template, small businesses or markets that don’t have their specific receipts yet will find this document very useful.

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