Free Break Even Analysis Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Every business should know the right price to charge for their service or product because the knowledge of it has the possibility of breaking your business. A break-even analysis is part of that decision-making process. This free Breakeven Analysis template will assist you what over the break-even point means and what over the BEP point means.

Using this free Breakeven Analysis template, you will be guided on knowing or securing that your products and services have profits, but you’re covering the cost. You will also be provided with the right information you need like how your profits changes as your sales changes, making the work easier.

Break Even Analysis Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Break Even Analysis Template


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This Breakeven Analysis template important for businessmen in order for them to know the right price they should charge for a particular product or services. In this template, we have a BEP which is the break-even point where the cost is equals to sales or revenues. At the break-even point, your products have profit. To make it clear, over the BEP is surely profit and under BEP is loss. Calculating BEP will require the following variables: price per unit, cost per unit, fixed cost and variable costs.

Using our free Breakeven Analysis template will help businessmen to study whether they are making a profit or losing money. To know the information that only a break-even template will prove, is important to a start-up business’s survival. That’s why we encourage you to use our break-even template for you to determine whether your business is making money or not, and will lead you to decision process about your product pricing and other things to consider. You don’t have to guess anymore and counting numbers on your head because we simplified everything for your need. The template is simple and you don’t need to have an extensive accounting background to figure out our template. In the upper left of the corner, just put the a figure on the Sales box, next to it is the Variable Costs like the commission per unit, supplies per unit, the Variable Cost per unit and the Total Variable Costs. Next to Variable Costs is the Fixed Costs per Period which can be found on the upper right corner of the template. Below these figures are your chart and graphs on variable costs and unit contribution margin. Finally, you can see the results on the lower left corner of the template, just under the chart. Then you will know your net profit, or net loss. We know that as a businessperson, you have things to do and making this kind of analysis is important yet it gives you another task that requires you effort. When you use a template, you are not just saving yourself an extra time but you would be also fully guided this analysis would look like, giving you opportunity to avoid making errors.

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