Free Cash Flow Statement Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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When you’re a business person who needs a template in order to keep track of everything that’s been going in and out of your finances, then you’re surely in need of our free cash flow statement template. With this template, you’ll be one stop closer to being one of the best professional business people out there!
Now this free cash flow statement template will surely cater to your needs when it comes to managing how your finances are going, regarding your business. The template extends to cash and cash equivalents as well.

Cash Flow Statement Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Cash Flow Statement Template


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This cash flow statement template has many parts and different spreadsheets attached to the document itself. The very purpose of this is to make sure that every information corresponds to every detail that you need per year and per month. Since money is a subject that needs to be handled with care and proper instruction, the template has different sections and details concerning the finances. Now there are three sheets available, one for the one year cash flow, one for the 3 year cash flow and one for the 12 month cash flow. For the one year cash flow, you will have sections that regarding the operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities. Within each activity, you will also be tasked with adding the information that has everything to do from cash receipts to cash paid. Within each category, there is a smaller breakdown of details that will surely ensure you that nothing has been overlooked or forgotten.
The next spreadsheets of the cash flow statement template also work the same way but they have different sections pertaining to the fact that the time period is different, since the first part is the one year cash flow, the second part is the 3 year cash flow and the last one is for the 12 month cash flow. In the second part, you will have the same details such as the one year cash flow but instead, it’s been divided into three parts or three years, per say. For example, you can clearly see the breakdown between the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, which is very good because you’ll be able to see if your business is doing well or doing terribly. Now in the third part of the template is the 12 month cash flow, which is a lot more complicated than the first two, mostly because it’s longer and requires a lot more input of information. For 12 months a year, you’ll be able to see each individual breakdown of details regarding your finances. But it still works the same way as the first two as well. Furthermore, in each spreadsheet of the template, you have sections about the operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities. In the operating activities, you’ll be adding data about cash receipts (cash sales, collections from credit accounts, loan or other cash injection and total), cash paid (inventory purchases, general operating and administrative expenses, wage expenses, interest, income taxes, dividend, other expenses and total) and net cash from operating activities. In the investing activities, details include cash receipts (sales of property and equipment, collection of principal on loans, sales of investment securities and total), cash paid (purchase of property and equipment, making loans to other entities, purchase of investment securities and total) and net cash. Lastly, in the financing activities, you’ll have cash receipts (issuance of stock, borrowing and total), cash paid (repurchase of stock, repayment of loans, dividends and total) and net cash.

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