Free Catering Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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When you’re a caterer or a baker of a certain business, you’ll need a few documents regarding the details of the descriptions about events of the services you’ll render for the customers. With these types of catering events, you’re going to need a template which will help with these types of details. This free catering invoice template offers you the best when giving you details about every single thing you need for your catering invoice.

This free catering invoice template is a good method for any person involved with the baking or catering business because all the details will apply very well to the descriptions regarding every single thing you’ve purchased and made for the event.

Catering Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Catering Invoice Template


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Now, with every template, you’re going to need many spaces and sections for each detail that will correspond to that specific kind of category. It’s highly important that in this catering invoice template, you’ll specify the data regarding to its corresponding subtitle. If you don’t follow this kind of method, then your document is going to come out disorganized and not neat to look at. So, looking at this template, you must input the information of the company’s whereabouts, such as the name, the logo, the street address, the city and zip code, the phone, the fax and the website. This is a good guide to anybody who personally wants to contact you for follow-ups or information regarding the event. Following the company’s information, the customer needs to have their own space available for that said information as well, such as name, company name, address, phone and fax. The customer is the person you’re going to deliver the services and send the bill to. Without the proper information regarding the customer, then this invoice will become practically useless. That’s why it’s highly important that everything needs to be in good order.

After the personal and contact information have been thoroughly exchanged, there will be two tables to be found afterwards in this catering invoice template. Now, first, you’re going to need to specify what the event is about, what type of meal will be served, how many guests there will be, what date it will fall on, and when the delivery will arrive, per date and time. Following that small table is another larger table, which you will gather all the information and receipts and list them down in this one table. In that way, it’ll be easier both for you and the customer to see what items have been disclosed, the quantity of those items, the unit price per item, and the amount that item cost. Lastly, at the very bottom of the template will be a small breakdown of every subtotal that are found in the larger table. This includes the subtotal, the sales tax rate, the sales tax, and the total of the whole thing itself. There is also a small space at the bottom regarding additional information and instruction. So, if you’re a caterer or a small business person, you’re going to need this template if you ever want to boost your own marketing strategies!

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