Free Commercial Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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A commercial invoice template is of vital importance when it comes to allowing your shipment to ship internationally. When it comes to delivering shipments, you need a document that will be easy on the eyes but also easy to maneuver as well. With our free commercial invoice template, you won’t have any difficulties in managing all of the required details at all.

When it comes to the documents of international trade, this free commercial invoice template is of absolute importance because without it, your shipment will not be able to pass through the necessary customs of its destination. It is noted that this specific template is used for Customs requirements.

Commercial Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Commission Invoice Template



The commercial invoice template is fairly easy to use since it is a simple spreadsheet with all of your requirements printed upon the document. You can even add in your own logo for the template if you wish to do so. It has all the details you need in order for your shipment to pass through certain destinations and without the proper and correct use of the required information, there is a huge possibility that the shipment will face problems. Some of the details consist of the complete address of the people involved with the shipment, such as the names, the street addresses, the zip number of the city and the state, the phone and fax number to be used and etc.

There is also a required space for the invoice number of the document along with the date and the due date to be issued accordingly. It is also noted that some forms might differ from others but however, the entire document remains the same with its use and purpose. All the information requires the correct details which will be used by the service providers when they check your shipment. The template is a spreadsheet that highlights all of these details so that it can be easily read, easily understood and easily passed onto the next position for its way to the final destination. It is highly important that you have these required documents because when you are a part of the International Trade, Customs will require a commercial invoice form.

When it comes to the details and descriptions of your shipment, there will be a given space in the document where you will write in all of information such as the description of your item, the HS Code, the type of packaging, the quantity of the items, unit price and what currency to be used, the tax and the total price of the shipment itself. There is also a section used for the breakdown of the totals which will be used for detail purposes. At the very bottom of the document will be needed signatures from the shipper themselves. With this commercial invoice template, you’ll have everything you need to sort through foreign trade.

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