Free Construction Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Our free construction invoice template is a type of document or form that are used for services garnered by construction sites. It’s more of a formality and therefore, most construction firms would rather have a template that is easy to use and therefore will use less time to work upon. With this template, it has all the information and data needed in order for workers such as builders, contractors, mason or any type of person working in labor, to keep track of the details their services require. With this template, everything you need to fill out will be printed upon accordingly.

The details the construction invoice document requires are usually the details of the estimated budget price for the proposed construction and for the actual budget cost after the construction has been completed. Our free construction invoice template is easy to read and understand and therefore, exceeds the expectations for the document itself.

Construction Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Construction Invoice Template



When it comes to our construction invoice template, there are many details and information that shouldn’t be overlooked at all. It is a document that should be precise and carefully arranged so that there won’t be any trouble looking for a single column or detail that might be looked for in the future. In the given template, everything the invoice needs is already there, such as details of the company name, your name, the street address, the zip code of your city and the state, your phone number and etc. There’s also a part of the document where you can bill the papers to a recipient of the form and if you wish to ship it, a section for that very same purpose has already been provided in the right side of the template. Also, details of the construction invoice form has already been printed on the right side of the template as well, so there won’t be any mix-up or whatsoever.

The descriptions of the services rendered are placed below the information about the construction. It is provided via table form, which is good, because you will be able to keep note and track the data required by the invoice. The data that needs to be tracked are the descriptions of what has been bought and used for the construction, the dates of when the construction began and when it ended and the hours that have been used and worked for. A space for the details of the services have also been provided in the template, which will be used by the person filling all the information out. Nothing has been overlooked. When it comes to the additional expenses, the construction invoice template has a table that verifies the number of items used, what type of item it was, the price of the unit, the quantity of the unit, the tax and the total all in all. A breakdown of the bill has also been provided below the table. Lastly, documents are useless without the necessary signatures so there is a space issued just for that very same purpose.

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