Free Consultant Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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This free consultant invoice template is a document used for providing an official and formal method of requesting for payment. It is typically used for consulting services, hence the name, such as business strategy, IT counseling, management counseling and etc. The document involves details and information regarding the types of consulting services, the rate per hour, and the timestamps, such as the dates and the hours in which there was transaction.

With our free consultant invoice template, you can easily note and use the data because all the details are easy to input. This gives more reason for consulting services to test the forms when it comes to transactions which they need to keep track of.

Consultant Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Consultant Invoice Template



With our consultant invoice template, you have the option to place in your logo for the company, which is pleasing for the format. There are many details regarding the template and all of these details are of the utmost importance when it comes to tracking and keeping records of the transactions used for consulting services. Such details are the invoice number, the date, and the work order number which can be used to track your form. Below this line is the necessary space needed in order to fill out personal information from the company to the customer; such as the names, the street address, the zip number of the city and state and information regarding contacts. This information will be vital for detail purposes.

Below the articulate and concise details that will be issued for tracking methods, is a table which shows all of the data regarding the services that have been issued. The data includes what type of services were offered, the hours that were inputted (the normal time rate is 7 hours) and the rate that will be received (the normal rate is 150). This results to a total of 1,050. In this table, you will be able to clearly see the timeframe alongside the details and etc. needed for the template. Now, below the hourly services table is another table meant for other services and charges. This has the same format as the hourly services as well but with the amount of 250 instead. If there are any questions about the total payment given, there is another section in the template that will show the formula. And lastly, no document is of use without the proper signatures. There is a given line for the signature of the consultant at the very last part. The consultant invoice template is very easy to access and very simple to use, especially since it’s a spreadsheet that can be used for offices all around the world.

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