Free Contractor Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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When you’re building things for people or putting up landmarks for the entire world to see, then you’re definitely going to need some insurance about the materials that you’ve bought and the services that you’ve rendered to other people. If you want a quick and efficient way of tracking your progress about that kind of thing, then you’re definitely in need of our free contractor invoice template.
Through this free contractor invoice template, you’ll have less problem when dealing with the materials and things that you have to list down for the project that you’re building. It’s a very helpful and efficient invoice to have and most contractors often use this for their clients as well.

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The contractor invoice template is a very useful document to have, especially in terms of the details and information that you have to specify in the categories that have already been printed in the said template itself. There are a lot of things that you have to consider, so you have to be very careful and sure of everything that requires the proper and correct data. Because once you miscalculate or have numerous errors, then it’s going to be quite disastrous if you don’t notice it in the first place. Now the structure and format of the template is quite easy to understand and even easier to understand. The first thing you’re going to see in the template is the information exchanged between the client and the customer, which includes their respective names, address, city, state, ZIP code, phone and e-mail. The main purpose of these collective information is the fact that it’ll be easier for both parties to contact each other in case there are any problems concerning the contract deal or the services that have been rendered.

At the bottom half of the contractor invoice template, you’ll see a relatively simple table which is where you’ll put all the information concerning the materials that have been used and the services that have been given in order to fully commit to the contracting deal that was made. The table includes data that has something to do with the description of the work that you, as the contractor, have given in order to comply the requirements the deal between you and the client have agreed upon. Now there’s also a small section of the table which states where the template is coming from and who it will be sent to. Moreover, details concerning the materials should be specified accordingly and such, including the information about the respective quantity, the price and the total amount made. On the next section is the labor, which also describes the hour per rate that should clearly complement the labor made by that specific person. Everything should be specified, especially the rate, amount and such. Lastly, a total breakdown of the budget is given at the very bottom, which talks about the total per materials, labor, tax rate percentage and the grand total. Through this template, contractors will have lesser problems in dealing with paperwork.

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