Free Contractor Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Business people and company holders aren’t the only ones who need special forms to request payments or receipts from the people they’ve worked for. Sometimes, even contractors need their very own invoices in order to keep track of the services they’ve rendered. Because of this, we offer to you our free contractor invoice template, which caters to all of your needs.

This free contractor invoice template will surely help contractors like you to be able to base the payment of their services using this template. It’s a way to be professional, organized and very efficient.

Contractor Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Contractor Invoice Template



The contractor invoice template offers the best and qualified requirements for contractors all around the world to use. The design and format is easy to understand and not to mention, quite detailed with the instruction of its usage and application. On the top half of the template, you’ll see a bunch of details that need filling up. These details are often the contact information of both the company and the customer. With this, it’ll be easier to keep in touch with each other just in case there were errors or miscalculations regarding the info. The very first thing you’ll see is the company’s data, such as the name, the company name, the street address, the city, street, zip code and phone number. The same information goes to the billing recipient, or the customer. There’s even a section meant for information regarding the shipping process. There’s also the dates when the services of the contractor began and when it ended.

On the bottom half of the contractor invoice template, you’ll find the description of the work. This is a very good thing to have, because the persons handling the project need to know and understand why their services were required in the first place. Plus, it’s a very good thing to have just in case you want to have a covert understanding or overview of why the budget costs this and that. Now after the description of the work is the table. The table is divided into simple sections, such as description material/labor, unit price/rate, quantity of hours, tax and amount. These kinds of things are very vital in order for you and the customer to have a basis of why the grand total amounts to its amount. On the lower half is the breakdown of details, which involves the subtotal, sales tax rate, subject to sales tax, sales tax, insurance and others. Special key notes have also been provided with their very own space in order to write down such comments. The name of the contractor and their signature can be found at the very bottom of the template, where the template will finally be completed with their authority.

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