Free Cost Analysis Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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If you’re handling a business which sells and buys a lot of products and also uses a lot of employees in your hands, then you’re going to need our free cost analysis template. This template will encourage you to take a closer look at your gains and losses. It will also help you improve the transparency of your business plans.

This free cost analysis template deals with a lot of details which can help further help you in terms of analyzing and evaluating the factors of why how your budget costs have been going. This will also help you with the fact that it’s practically very needed in terms of progress reports and etc.

Cost Analysis Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Cost Analysis Template


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The structural design of this cost analysis template might look very complicated at first, especially with all the details concerning the graphs and the numbers that you have deal with. However, all these details and information are just there to make sure that no errors will be made in the future and to prove to you that this template is based on detail orientation, which leaves no room for any mistakes to be made. Now since there are many factors to take note of, you have to be very careful of the information that you input since everything is automatically calculated in order to fit to the end results. Now there are four costs factors that you have to look at, which are labor costs, materials costs, overhead costs and other costs. The labor costs deals with your employees and their payroll and the hours that they’ve worked in order to receive that much amount of money. Multiply that with the rate and the total cost per team member will be easily computed at the last part. So with this template, it’ll have lesser burdens on you in terms of calculating and computing.

The next part of the cost analysis template deals with the materials costs, which also has the same structure and design as with the labor costs. The only difference is that with the materials costs, you’re dealing with certain materials that you’ve bought for your project. Also, this template is very helpful in terms of projects and events which you have to organize yourself because it serves as a written progress report which will encourage you to take a better look at things that you’ve bought that have a huge amount of costs and etc. The following costs tables also work the same way as the previous two did. All you simply have to do is to input the information so that you’ll be able to analyze what to do next and etc. After putting all details and information, the bar graph and the pie graph will be automatically calculated so that you can have a visual presentation of what everything has cost you. All in all, this is a very helpful template that can improve the quality of your business or company.

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