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If you’re a businessperson or a company holder dealing with customers and are having a difficult time in managing every information regarding them, then you definitely need our free CRM template, or customer relationship management, in longer terms. With this template, you’ll be able to quickly have a contact information about your customers, regardless of the fact that you’re a smaller business.

With our free CRM template, you won’t be have your customers’ contacts lying around in your tables without proper organization or neatness. That’s not a quality a good business person has. Therefore, it is highly encouraged that you must have this sort of template.

Crm Template

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Crm Template


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With this CRM template, you’ll have sections that will pertain and cater to the needs of every information you need, such as contact data, company data, sales log, setting, chart and instruction. It has multiple spreadsheets attached, which gives way to more details that you’ll need and therefore, provides more space for you to see such data. Now the first page is the contact data, which involves the name of the companies, the specific sales representative, the lead source, the lead status, the stage, the estimated sales, the actual sales, when the last and next contact was and notes. With this, you’ll be able to have a small overview of the people who are in charge of this and that.

On the second spreadsheet is the company data, which is a further breakdown of the contact information regarding the companies involved. The data includes the company, the contact person, the position, email, phone mobile, fax, address, city, state, zip, country and industry. This connects to the earlier companies involved. The third spreadsheet involves the sales log, which is a breakdown of details regarding further information about the date of when the sale happened, the name of the company, the amount of actual sales, the product name, the invoice number and the notes as well.

There are two more spreadsheets left to the CRM template which involves the setting and the chart. Now the setting section is also very detailed, because it has a lot of details pertaining to every information involved. The information and details as stated in the template are split into six sections. The first section is about the sales rep. which has estimated sales, actual sales, number of contacts, number of customers, number of opportunity, number of lead and number of loss. The second section is about the lead source, which involves the same details with the sales rep. The third section is the industry, which gives way to different industries but has the same information as the first two sections. Now the next three sections (product, lead status and stage) are smaller in size but they require their own details such as actual sales and number of contacts, respectively. There are also two sections counting down the days since last contact and next contact. The last second to the last section of the template is the chart, which basically puts all the information you’ve input into tabular and graphical information. They are then split into four parts, such as actual and estimated sales by sales rep, actual sales by industry, actual sales by lead source and actual sales by lead product. And then the last section gives way to the instruction in adding the details and information.

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