Free Daily Timesheet Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Working in a certain company is convenient because they have their own way of clocking in and clocking in. The large companies have a more advanced way of clocking in and clocking out. They just swipe their ID’s and the computer will do its job. On the other hand, some small to medium companies still struggle about how they monitor their employees in the context of timing in and timing out. Some companies use a time card and some are using a log book which is tedious. Every day their employees write their names on a log book and it gets messy sometimes because of the different handwriting. A free daily timesheet template is one of the many solutions to this dilemma.
A free daily timesheet template offers you a clean and organized way to record the time of the clock in and the clock out of your employees. So, what is inside the template?

Daily Timesheet Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

daily timesheet template


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Inside a daily timesheet template, you can find the company name, the pay rate and the Identification number of the employees. This is to let the cashier know if he/she is looking at the correct employee he/she ought to give salary to. Furthermore, putting a pay rate in the timesheet will make the employees sure about how much salary they are supposed to get. This way, there will be no confusion that will emanate inside the office. They will know that every hard work that they put into the company is paid for. Additionally, the identification number in the timesheet is an indication that the company wants an organized and clean time card. Indicating the identification number shows completeness.
Another good thing about a daily timesheet template is that it indicates the name, time started, time finished and most especially a comment section. In the comment section, you can put here what are your suggestions, your struggles for the day that may stymie or stop you from doing your job well in the future. Other time cards of other companies do not have a comment section. A comment section is healthy for the company because it is a manifestation that the employer is ready to listen to his/her employees. As we all know, some of the companies do not like to listen to their employees. The employer wants an absolute rule in that kind of company. That is exactly the reason this timesheet template is useful and is not detrimental to the company. Furthermore, this timesheet template is complete and does not deter individuals in the company to voice out what their thoughts are. They can suggest and comment on how to improve the working environment and other things that might be beneficial to the company.

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