Free Deposit Slip Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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When visiting a bank and depositing a huge sum of money, you’re going to notice that they’re going to give you a slip of paper in which you have to add in a bunch of details about your name, bank number and etc. This is something of use to your deposits, which kind of serves as a temporary receipt at the same time. If you’re a banker or working for the bank then you’re definitely going to need our free deposit slip template.

Through this free deposit slip template, people who are going for your bank will now have their own unique paper to bring home and organize as well. The template, in the first place, will help them out in terms of tracking the progress of their transactions.

Deposit Slip Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Deposit Slip Template


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The deposit slip template is highly needed when you’re working for a bank or when you’re part of a small bank that doesn’t have their own deposit slips yet as of the moment. Now, why is this slip so important in the first place? Well it’s mostly because when you deposit a huge sum of money, this slip is going to serve as a receipt in order to help keep track of the transactions that have been made between you and the bank. It will also help you organize a certain timeline in which you’ve gone to the bank, made a deposit and basically increased the money that is inside your account. When dealing with cash, it’s highly important to keep a record of all of these things. So with the deposit slips, you can just as easily keep these papers and insert them in a record book so that you won’t have trouble with keeping track of what’s left or what’s been added in your account. Now with this template, the first thing you’re going to see when you get one is the fact that there are two slips in one template. This will help, as a banker, in saving more paper. So, let’s take a step back and look at each individual slip.

So on the deposit slip template, you’re basically going to see a copy of what a regular slip meant for depositing a huge amount of money is going to look like. A lot of information has been added accordingly, such as the date, the account number, the name, addresses and etc. So since it is slip that deals with money, the first thing you’re probably going to notice is the number at the bottom. Don’t let this be the first thing you have to notice. Because if you’re not careful with the information that you input in the template, then it’s not going to get accepted into any bank. What you need to make sure is the fact that you have to put all the right information, such as the checking or savings account number, the name, the address, the signature (written in the presence of the teller), the date, the cash, the total checks (if there are any), the subtotal, the less cash received and the total cash that the teller is going to receive. This template is definitely useful to have when you’re working for a bank because it helps you and the depositor at the same time.

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