Free Direct Deposit Form Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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If you wish to be able to send deposit forms electronically and with authorization as an employee of a certain business or company, then you’re in luck with our free direct deposit form template. This template focuses more on being direct with the transactions made between the bank and the business. If you wish to be able to do things electronically and quickly, then you can use this template.

Through our free direct deposit form template, you will have an easier access to your bank since it’s direct to the point and very straightforward in terms. It will also require authorization from the employee itself, along with plenty of attached references.

Direct Deposit Form Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Direct Deposit Form Template


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The direct deposit form template focuses more on the electronic side of things while also verifying for the authorization of the bank teller or even the bank itself. Employees of large companies or banks often use this type of template. This is to help large businesses or people who’ve deposited a huge sum of money for their accounts. So that’s the difference between other templates and this authorization form. Now this template is highly important so therefore, you need to make sure that all the right information that you input are correct in a sense that they will not have any errors or miscalculations in the future. Since it’s mostly used for electronic purposes, it needs to be very neat and well-organized.

Looking at the direct deposit form template, you’re going to notice that there are lot of details and information that are contained. First, you’re going to see what is very similar to a deposit slip, which is the personal information of the depositor, including their name, their address, their city, their state, and lastly, the zip code of that said date. The use of this information is so that it will be easier for the bank or for the people receiving this kind of template to be able to keep track of the said locations. There’s also a visual example of the check that’s going to be transacted. You have to make sure that all the right information is inputted in the check since, like we’ve said before, everything is already electronic in the first place. Following after the visual presentation, you’re also going to see the involved details which you would normally find inside a deposit slip. The details and data that you have to input are the type of account, the name of the bank, the account number, the 9-digit rounding, and the amount. For this template, you also need to attach the files needed as well. There’s going to be a note at the bottom which states that the company has to pay the authorized amount stated in the details that have already been enclosed with the signature of the employee finalizing the whole thing. So all in all, this template is something you definitely need once you’re working for a bank or you have to deposit a huge amount electronically to a bank. If you’re not working for the bank, then you can still use this to your advantage for electronic deposits and etc.

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