Free Employee Schedule Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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To be able to keep track of where your employees are can be a difficult feat, but with this free employee schedule template, it just became a lot easier. Now for most bosses or employers, they need to have a recent or current schedule of their employees because it will help them in situations where they need to find that specific person and etc.

Also, with this free employee schedule template, you can also have more basis for their payroll since their payroll is based on the exact time in which they arrived and which they left. With this template, it just became easier to track down that progress or circumstance.

Employee Schedule Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Employee Schedule Template


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This employee schedule template has a very easy design and structure to follow, mostly because it’s relatively already all there on the document itself. All you simply have to do is to input the amount of details and information which are required, in order for you to be able to fully understand and get to know the schedule of your employees intimately. It’s helpful for you to be able to be constantly reminded of where your employees should be, because it shows that you’re a practical and well-disciplined person when it comes to those types of things. Also, being highly aware of where your employees are and what time they’ll arrive and leave will give your employees less opportunity to slack off, if you’re ever not there to monitor their progress.

Now on the employee schedule template itself, you’ll see that the first thing you’re going to encounter are a bunch of details and information you have to fill out per individual employee. This might be a hassle for some others, because it means that the more employees you have, the more templates you’ll be needing. However, it’s actually very practical that you have one of these things because it shows that you are not willing to bend over the rules when it comes to the payroll of people. Also, it is a necessity to have one of these because if there ever comes a time where your employees ask about their payroll, you can easily show them the breakdown through this template. Now the details involved per employee has to include their name, the name of their supervisor, their corresponding positions, their department and the total breakdown of how their payroll should work, like how much is one hour and etc. After that, you’ll have the table per individual day per week, so it’ll be easier for you to see how much progress they’ve done in that course of time. Overall, this is a very useful template to have if you wish to practice discipline and etc.

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