Free Event Budget Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Being an event organizer can be a tough job, especially when it comes to handling the budget. Especially if the events are of huge importance or involves a lot of people. Many individuals would want their money to go to something productive and meaningful and in some cases where there should be transparency, an event budget report should be released. Now with this free event budget template, you will be able to clearly see the expenses that have been made.

Our free event budget template offers the best graphical input and a breakdown of the expenses that have been spent. It’s very practical and easy to use.

Event Budget Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Event Budget Template



The event budget template has a very neat and organized design that highlights the differences between your income and budget plan in a way that can be clearly understood. In the template given, you have option to add in the logo of your company, which is very useful when exchanging documents with other important people. The company name has also been stated clearly, so that there will be no chances of it being lost anywhere. Like we said, this template has a very practical design. On the left side of the template design is the name of the event, which is highly important, along with the estimated budget of the event as well. This will be the basis for the entire document when it comes to the details regarding the entire cost of the event. Now, below the corresponding titles is the box for a required summary of the profit and loss, which states the total income and total expenses. This also has the digits for the estimated, real budgets and the total loss or profit of the entire event itself.

At the bottom half of the event budget template is the graph that will give you a figure of the expenses and the profit that the event has spent and gained. There might not be any fully disclosed details regarding what the expenses were spent on in the first page but the graph is very important because it will give the people an overview of the whole ordeal. On the second sheet of the template, however, you will be able to see the details about the income. It has been cleanly separated into two parts. In the income sheet, details regarding the admissions, ads in programs, exhibitors/vendors, and sale of items. Now these details are also arranged into categories as well, with how they were spent depending on estimated, real budget, type, estimated income, and real budgets income. After every end of the details are the total number. Details regarding the expenses are also the same but refreshments have also been added accordingly. With this template, any details about the budget plan of an event that you organized will be thoroughly discussed in the report itself.

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