Free Excel Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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The free excel invoice template is one of those templates in which you can do whatever you wish to do with it. It’s something that is completely yours to manipulate and change because it’s a very basic invoice that will still cater to all of your needs. It also still holds the details and information that can be found in any invoice.

This free excel invoice template is very useful to beginning companies or business starters. You may not be large enough to have your own customized template but at least it’s a starting step on your way up the ladder to success.

Excel Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Excel Invoice Template


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Although the excel invoice template may seem very plain in every sense of the word, it’s actually very helpful when it comes to people who aren’t quite sure how to use one in the first place. All the details and data are printed readily on the template and all you have to simply do is to place all of the information regarding the said items or descriptions. The first half of the template takes into consideration all the details regarding the contact information of the two parties involved, such as the business holder and the client. Now, the details include a number of things, which includes the names, the addresses, the cities, the states, the ZIP codes, the phone/ fax numbers, and the business emails. Technically, in this formal template, there are three sections meant for three different people in which you’ll print all of these information. Respectively, these people are the business holders, the person you’ll bill the invoice to, and the person who’ll receive the shipment. Also, in order to lessen confusion, a section made for the details about the invoices have been clearly stated.

On the lower half of the excel invoice template, you’ll find a very simple table which has already been divided into the most basic parts of invoices and the vital purpose of the document itself, which are the items. This includes the name of the item, the description of the item, the quantity of the items, the unit prices of the item, the taxable amount and the real amount. It’s highly important that everything you input is correct, because if there are any mistakes, then it can easily be traced back to you. At the very last portion of the document, the shipping or misc instructions, the credit review, the people who ordered the issued and who approved it have been enclosed. This is to make sure that the template is credible and well received by the people that will be reading through it. This is also to make sure that there aren’t any false duplicates lying around.

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