Free Exercise Schedule Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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The free exercise schedule template is very suitable to anybody who wishes to keep track of their exercise schedule through a graphical and tabular form. It’s highly practical that anybody who is just well into their training should have one of these in order to be able to tell the difference that they’ve endured. It’s also a credible piece of information to have if you’re ever going for doctor appointments or etc.

This free exercise schedule template will not only highlight the differences between your prior weight and your recent weight but it will also give you a detailed outline to how you came about to your current weight.

Exercise Schedule Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

exercise schedule Template


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The exercise schedule template has basically two sheets which will correspond to your various needs as a person aiming to hit that specific weight goal. Now, in the first sheet itself, it is split into two parts. The first part talks about the information about yourself, which is highly important, because a doctor who’s checking up on you might wish to see the overview first. The information includes your current height in meters, your weight in kilograms, the amount of days you’ll spend, and the amount of weight you lose. Now, looking at this information gives you a kind of basic summary of what you wish to achieve during this said work-out or training method. There are also two parts split for the starting and the goals. In the starting area, you’ll specify the date in which you’ve started and your weight during that time. In the end area, you’ll specify the target date in which you’ll stop and the weight you want to achieve after that time. The first part of the template is basically your goals and aspirations to achieve with this training session. After that will be the BMI calculations, where you’ll basically input all the details regarding your BMI.

On the bottom half of the first sheet of the exercise schedule template, you will be given a table with all the dates already inputted on the left side so that you’ll be given a clear instruction on how to work around it. Details such as weight, weight change, exercise (kcal) and notes have also been included in order to give you the fullest satisfaction of having the complete set of data. Now, after the first sheet is the second sheet, which uses the information gathered in the table in order to make a graphical form out of it. Now, this graph is very important because it gives you a clear distinction of how much weight you’ve lost in the span of the time period which you’ve began. All the dates and weight in kilograms have also been clearly stated as well, because with this, you’ll be able to understand and come to terms with how you’ve reached that certain kind of weight. With this template, you’ll be well on your path towards the body in which you wish to have, all by using a simple document form that helps shape your lifestyle.

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