Free Expense Report Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Business expense report is important in any businesses. It is because every business’ main objective is to be as profitable as possible, so they have to track down their expenses and analyze them. Making a report about expenses might not be easy. This is why we provide you a free expense report template you can use.

Expense report are mandatory on daily basis, because it helps entrepreneurs or the company determine what are the important aspects that need to be improved or controlled based on the listed expenses. Writing expense report might be a headache but when you use free expense report template, you would be diminishing some unnecessary effort.

Expense Report Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Expense Report Template


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If you are still new to the business, I am sure that you find making expense report difficult and tiring. This is precisely the very reason why you are seeking for a template and reading this! One thing you need to know is you have to make it as organized as possible. You also need to be careful since you are dealing with figures. Numbers must be as accurate as possible. This determines and manages the cash flow of your business. Expense report can be a bit complicated because it can contain small expenses made by many departments in a certain company. You might have a difficult time in summarizing and inputting all of these in one document. It is more preferable if it is in Excel template because the data are easier to input since values are placed in a certain cell. Excel is the best application to use when dealing with figures and numbers because you can use automatic formula calculations. It makes the structure more organized. This expense report template is in Excel, so you don’t have to be problematic when it comes to structure and organization. It provides you the necessary formula you need. You don’t have to apply the same formula again and again, all you need to do is to input the details and you now have the results.

This expense report template helps you in organizing some intricate and overwhelming numbers. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a company worker, it is certain that you are already bombarded with things to do and tasks to accomplish, and making an expense report might be an additional task. So, if you are worried about your business expenses, or required to have a list of them, consider using a ready-made template that saves you your time and effort. In this template, you can edit and add your company details such as its name and its logo. In addition, it is equipped with elements such as the date, description, transportation, and all necessary expenses your company has incurred. It has also some cell room for notes. It is convenient for editing printing.

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