Free Job Estimate Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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This free job estimate template is very important when making deals with potential clients or customers. Usually, these types of documents are handed out whenever a project is due to be made in a specific time frame. With this template, you will be able to give your customer a preview of the cost of the entire project, which will determine if they’ll continue working with you or not. That’s why its importance is very vital, because it is either a make or break situation. If the estimated price is too high then your customer might leave but if it’s just right, then you’ve found yourself a client.

With our free job estimate template and its design and style, you won’t have any problems regarding the information or data asked.

Job Estimate Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Job Estimate Template



In the job estimate template, everything has been laid out accordingly. On the top of the template, there’s a number for the document and the date it was issued so that it won’t be easily lost amongst countless other forms. This proves to be very important as well, in case there are instances where you might lose the document and you need to find the other duplicate. Below the number and date is the information of the company and the addresses. This will help the customer find you in case there are any more inquiries or questions that they weren’t able to come up with on the first meeting and etc. And below the information of the company, there is a section made specifically for the customer information with their name, address and phone number. This will help the company find the customer in order for updates and etc.

With this job estimate template, there is also the job description, which perfectly describes the incoming project that will be made and the further details concerning it. This will give the reader or the customer a brief overview of why this project is being made in the first place or who is in charge of the said project. Any note-worthy remarks can be put in here too. Below that is the table form of the estimate price of the item, its ID number and the amount it might cost. This table will fully help the person keeping track of all the products that will be bought at an estimated cost because it’s very easy to read and record. After the table, there is a total estimate of the entire project itself, which will help the customer determine whether or not the price is right or if there should be some things that need changing. This document can fully help the customer in deciding if the project is overpriced with the items that will be bought or if the products that will be bought need adjustments regarding its quality

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