Free Loan Amortization Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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When you’re a person who likes to keep track of any loans that have been made from your mortgages or any money related situations, then you’re going to need a well-kept and organized document which will help you list down the details and information that you’re going to need for the future. Through the free loan amortization template, you will achieve that kind of practical organization since it will help you out in terms of organizing and arranging.

The free loan amortization template is highly useful for a lot of people, especially for bankers, creditors, tenants and people who often receive a huge sum of money and expect interest afterwards. It’s highly helpful and everybody working in that kind of position should always have one of these templates as well.

Loan Amortization Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Loan Amortization Template


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The first thing you’re going to notice about the loan amortization template is that it’s highly complicated with a lot of numbers jumbled together in order to form a document which really needs a huge amount of details and information all shoved into a single invoice. Because of this, you might have some discouragement about using this kind of document but don’t fear since this template will help you out in terms of managing any sort of loans that have been taken from your pocket. It will also help you out when trying to keep track of the increasing or decreasing numbers that are involved with the template itself. Now, before you dive into the huge amount of paperwork that you have deal with, especially concerning the numbers, you have to first input a lot of information in order to make this template highly organized, detailed and well-kept. The information at the very top involves the data, the summary, the total payment and the payoff date. Don’t you see that with the amount of information overload at the very beginning of the template itself, you won’t have any problems with mistakes or errors on your part? Because this kind of document will cancel out the difficulties of having to face multiple mistakes due to not having an efficient template in the first place.

The first sheet talks about the details concerned with the loan plans that people have made from you. So this is actually helpful for tenants or even bankers at that. Or, if you’re just a regular person, with whom people actually go to for money and etc., you can still use this template to your advantage. The loan amortization template has then a table which includes the date, the principal, the interest and the balance. Through this table, you will be able to keep track of when something was paid and how the interest was affected by it. There’s also going to be the dates of the month of when somebody paid something off and etc. Now the second sheet talks about the calculations, which is actually efficient when it comes to being able to calculate the decreasing loan people have left. You’ll actually be able to see the progress and performance done by it. Lastly, at the side of the template, you can see a minor breakdown of the entire template, which involves the amount, the term in months, the interest rate per year, and the start date. Through this template, keeping track of loans has become easier in terms of details.

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