Free Monthly Meal Planner Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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If you’re somebody who’s in the middle of a diet and who wishes to be able to control the type of food that they consume on a daily basis then this free monthly meal planner template is definitely the one you should use. This template can help you in terms of managing your meals and if you’re working in a restaurant, you can also use this template as a means to tell your chefs or the people working in the kitchen that this is the going to be the menu that will be followed in the next couple of days.

Using that example, this free monthly meal planner template has a lot of uses, especially when you’re working near food or working through a diet that you might not be able to handle. Regardless of whatever occupation you may have, one can necessarily agree that having this template near you is definitely a great asset for yourself.

Monthly Meal Planner Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



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Anybody can seriously use this monthly meal planner template. It doesn’t even matter what you’re going to use this template for in the first place. You can use it if you have a difficult time managing your diet and need to have a thorough list of the things that you should eat for the next couple of days. You can even use this as a basis for the restaurant menu, if you’re ever in the business of doing such. Anyway, what we’re trying to say is that template can be used by anyone and everyone for their own purposes. There is no need for limitations and strict conduct since it’s just a basic meal planner for the rest of the days that have to follow in a month. It’s very helpful as well and most people would take advantage of having something as this but you definitely shouldn’t. Knowing what to eat next and how much you’re going to spend on that next meal is very helpful in getting to know your own budget. And knowing the next meal that you have to prepare will give you time to buy ingredients beforehand. So like we’ve said, this template belongs in an area that mostly caters to food-related activities so for chefs or hotel staff or even gym trainers should have one of these in their pockets.

The monthly meal planner template has a very simple, structured and formal design which will cater to the needs that the document requires. In the template itself, you’ll be able to see that three weeks are categorized at the horizontal part of the document, which is good, since the template is mostly going to last for only a month or so. The next thing you’re going to see is the fact that all seven days of the week have been specified accordingly as well and in these seven days, details about the meals such as breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner are all placed accordingly as well so that no details will be overlooked and such. At the end of the template, you’re also going to find yourself facing a shopping list. This is to help you out if you any more details to add. Now anybody who’ve seen this template will surely be able to appreciate the importance and productivity it will bring to the document or the schedule.

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