Free Mortgage Statement Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Most us have probably encountered mortgage statement because of the mortgage loans. It is a document prepared by the holder of the mortgage and is provided to the borrower. This document will show one’s mortgage balance, amortization and interest rate and others. This document is a very essential disclosure document; one of the reasons is that the borrower, or you, would be kept aware of the mortgage balance, and a free mortgage statement template can surely help you.

When you use a free mortgage statement template, you will be provided with the best tool if you are the borrower. Having a ready-made template ensures that you’re going to have a neat and formal document that shows clear mortgage balances and everything about your mortgage.

Mortgage Statement Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Mortgage Statement Template


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Probably there are many of you who already applied for a mortgage, heard of the word mortgage, or have the plan for applying one. Mortgage loans or mortgage is used by businesses or individuals to make large real estate purchases without having to pay the purchase’s entire value. Mortgage statement template is an essential document for those who applied for mortgage, and it has information about your mortgage, again, like your balance and past or current monthly payment. If you are on a mortgage loan, you’d understand how important it is to have a document like mortgage statement which has the record or your transaction. There are many templates that can be found but it’s important that your template can accommodate the information needed, and is easy on eyes to look at.

This is the reason why we specifically recommend that our template is to be used for such a disclosure document. Our mortgage statement template’s goal is for you to have a statement that’s easy to comprehend and provides you information about your past and current payment. The template looks neat and easy to fill in, just like our other templates. The template will include all of the important information but at the same time it doesn’t bombard unnecessary things whoever uses this template. This template will ask for the following information from you; your account information like payment due date, outstanding principal interest rate, prepayment penalty. The other one is the explanation of amount due under it are principal, interest, escrow and the total for regular monthly pay total fees charged. The other section/boxes include total amount due, past payment breakdowns and of course the transaction activity. If you needed to have a document which errors can be easily corrected and transactions are well recorded, our template is the best for you. Our template design will make sure you’ll avoid paying unnecessary fees and that you will get the disclosure you deserve.

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