Free Moving Checklist Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Moving is a long process, with plenty of room to make error. Now, this document is mostly meant for moving locations for your companies. There are many things to consider and sometimes, you might even forget a few things if you’re not careful. However, with this free moving checklist template, you’ll feel as if somebody else is there reminding you of certain important things.

This free moving checklist template will take everything in consideration and help you picture out what you’re going to do step by step. It’s a template which most people who are preparing for big moves need to have.

Moving Checklist Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Moving Checklist Template


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Moving locations can be very tough and you might forget a few things on the way so it’s very crucial and helpful for you to acquire a moving checklist template. Through this checklist, you’ll be able to prepare before the move itself, which is actually a good practice to have because you’ll be able to see your plans change over time. Through this template, you’ll also be able to prepare months before the moving actually has to happen. And preparedness is the key point to have when it comes to moving locations with various items in hand. Now that’s the whole point of this template that we are introducing to you right now because moving requires many things, such as records, the payment, the details about the new location and etc. so you have to make sure that all of your thoughts and ideas are arranged accordingly to the order of the things that you have to follow, because if you don’t follow through the checklist which you’ve set upon yourself then moving will surely become a more difficult job for you.

Now, in this moving checklist template, you’ll be given two separate sheets which still relate to each other strongly in terms of details and information. Now the first sheet is simply everything in all its glory. Because you can specify the date of when you’ll start getting ready, like two months before or three months before. And under these dates, you’ll be given subsections such as status, description/practice, notes and etc. It’s highly important that you input all the right information in order to have a good outcome. The list can be as long as you want, as long as you’ll be able to check them off at the right time and place, and when they deserve to be checked off the list. The second spreadsheet is the success data, where you’ll input if everything on the checklist has been finished, has failed or is still in progress. See? With this template, it’s something that will give you a firm grip of the situation at hand by helping clear your mind with any unnecessary headaches

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