Free Organization Chart Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Organizational charts are important in any businesses because they are an effective visual tool needed by managers to illustrate the roles of the workers as well as the hierarchy of the organization or business. In addition, this is a very effective tool to make your people understand the chain of command within a specific hierarchy. Sometimes, making this requires you an extra effort, so it is better to use free ready-made organizational chart template.

Sure, you can make your own organizational chart but making so can be a tiring endeavor. And being in the work field makes you value your time. There are many things that need to be working for and adding this to your workload is just unnecessary. This is why it’s a wise decision to use a free organizational chart template.

Organization Chart Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Organization Chart Template


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When you are a manager, you certainly have heard of how important and useful organizational charts are. Organizational charts really help you in your endeavor. Why? It helps you design the structure of the organization based on the business’ objectives and it illustrates the responsibilities for each member as well as the function of each department. It can even help in the betterment of the performance of each employee because the employees are able to track and see the whole chain of command in one glance. When you are asked to make an organizational chart, here is what you should know – what you need is a well-structured chart but again this might require effort. You need to have a skill in PowerPoint or you can search for an instruction in the internet. However, it is best if you opt for a ready-made organizational chart template that you can edit anytime. Our template has a structure that meets general requirement for a good and easy-to-edit organizational chart. It has divisions that you can customize – add or subtract divisions, depending on your preference. Making a chart has never been easier!
You might be seeing templates that are in PowerPoint and most people might be saying that PowerPoint is a good tool when you want to make anything that requires charts and graphs. But this chart template is efficient because it is in Excel. Why Excel is better? One – you can create a large chart and still be able to print the entire graph in a single page. Excel printing settings are more efficient than the PowerPoint. Since Excel provides you spacious room, there is no problem about having a very long organization hierarchy. Two – aligning blocks for your data is more efficient and easier to do. Sure, PowerPoint provides you grids but they can be hard to rule. Excel’s grids are easier to use. Three – AutoShaped function in Excel enables you to resize or even move the entire column or row and it does not require you an intricate method or approach. All these three are in the organizational chart template we provide.

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