Free Packing Slip Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Our free packing slip template will surely assist you in any details regarding documents that can be related to any sort of order and purchase templates that will list out your corresponding business goods and services. Just because this type of template isn’t necessarily required in the business field, it can be very useful when keeping track of what you’ve purchased and sold.

This free packing slip template is very helpful when you order a huge amount of goods and want to have an alternative for a receipt that is a lot more formal with the details such as the billing address and data of the sales that you’ve sold or the goods that you’ve bought.

Packing Slip Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Packing Slip Template



The packing slip template is quite thorough and concise with all the details and information required listed in its specific template. Nothing has been overlooked. There is a company name and logo on top, which will help your document look a bit more formal especially when exchanging documents with another company. It’s easy to keep track of receipts that are yours and receipts that are theirs. Other than the company name, there is also a section listed for the addresses, from shipping and to the delivering. This includes the name, GHI, addresses, zip code and contact information. On the right side of the document is the packing slip, which has all the details such as the date of issue, order number, customer, shipping date and shipping method.

With this specific type of packing slip template, all details regarding your orders or sales will be clearly stated in a table designed especially for that purpose. Details such as the product number, product description, quantity, unit weight, gross weight and carton number have been listed on top of each column for the table in order for you to be fully able to list down the data and information regarding these goods. It’s very helpful in keeping track of your sales or purchases because not only does this template serve as a sales invoice, it only serves as a type of receipt. And at the very bottom of the template, you’ll find a space made for remarks or notes from you or the other party. And then there is another smaller table made for the total coverage of the entire thing, such as the total quantity, total gross weight and carton number. Lastly, there is another space for the signatures of the people involved in the process, such as the person who prepared the list and the person who checked the list. It’s also complete with the name and date. This template hasn’t overlooked any details and with its style and content, you’ll be able to clearly see the information regarding your goods, which is very important for business strategies and etc. There is also a second sheet in this template, which is meant for billing addresses, in which you can keep track of all the recipients.

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