Free Payroll Register Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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This free payroll register template is a bit similar to the hourly invoice, especially when it comes to counting down the hours and rate. However, the only difference is that this template is a lot stricter compared to the others, because it includes many more details which the hourly invoice does not take into consideration.

The free payroll register template is a lot more formal, because it includes more people rather than a single individual. Because of this, you should be careful in filling the information out because instead of affecting just a single person, you’ll be affecting an entire group if there are any miscalculations or errors.

Payroll Register Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Payroll Register Template


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The payroll register template has many components and details that you have to put into careful and precise consideration, which makes it a lot more complicated than most templates. It also deals with an entire group instead of just a single person, as clearly stated in the table. The design, however, is fairly simple and pleasant to look at. It’s neat and organized and doesn’t add too much wording or phrases that might not be understood by most people. At the very top of the template itself, you’ll find the title, which gives the entire document an authentic originality because the title will be the first thing you’ll see when exchanging said invoice. The time for when the period began and when it ended has also been specified before the table, which is important, because it gives the two parties the entire basis to how many hours should’ve been worked and how many hours the workers are lacking basically.

On the bottom half of the payroll register template, you’ll find the table spread out with all its corresponding components. There are many details involved because this template is of a higher position than the hourly invoice, giving it more importance and authenticity. It’s also very official and therefore should be treated with the utmost diligence and caution. Now, the details involved in the table are all very formal and required as well, especially when it comes to companies who exceed transparency when it comes to the details of their employee’s payroll. The details include the ID number, the name of the employee, the number of hours they’ve worked, the wages per hour, the gross pay, the deductions (federal tax, state tax, local tax, FICA tax, other), total deductions and the net pay. With all of the details being taken into consideration, the payroll which will be readily given shouldn’t have any errors or miscalculations. Therefore, with this template, it’ll be easier to track down any mistakes and even easier to make sure that your employees are given the right amount of pay.

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