Free Personal Cash Flow Statement Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Every one of us wants to measure our financial health, and there are a lot of ways to do it. There are people who recommend personal balance sheet or net worth statement but this is not necessarily an indicator of one’s financial health. Making such can be is not an average task; you are bombarded with a lot of figures making you feel overwhelmed. This then a free personal cash flow statement template can surely be beneficial.

A free personal cash flow statement template can be the best tool if you would really like to have a better idea of your overall financial health statement. Though this template may not tell you if you become a millionaire, but it could lead you on the right path, which is to spend less than you earn.

Personal Cash Flow Statement Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Personal Cash Flow Statement Template


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Determining your financial health is possible when you list all of the sources of income you have and how much you spend on something. A personal cash flow statement template may sound like creating your budget because you have to record all of income sources and expenses. Like a net worth statement, a positive number means good cash flow and negative number means bad cash flow. Determining a financial health won’t be successful without recording where your money goes and what money sources you have. Many of you might not like the idea of getting this template but many will also be inspired to have one, the thing is you would get to determine whether you’re spending too much on not so important things or you’re not saving up that much. Talking about templates, there are thousands of templates out there to choose from but we most of us will want the simple one which is easy to put records.

A personal cash flow statement template will require you to record all your irregular or regular expenses. Our template will let you break down the record of expenses into monthly or annually. There would be two sections on the template; the first one is the cash inflows where you record the sources of your income salary, commission, bonus and others; and the other one is the cash outflow where you record your expenses on income deductions, financing activities and living expenses. Putting all the digits in these sections is pretty easy because of the template’s simple format and its readable fonts. The digits you put in these sections will be then computed as total inflow of cash and outflow of cash, and finally the total cash flow which determines whether it is negative or positive. Remember, personal cash flow statement records the flow of cash in and out, so don’t left out a single source of income or expenses because it will give you a wider view of your financial status.

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