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Engaging in loans demands a very crucial agreement because it involves money and also time especially that money almost makes everything move nowadays. If you are the lender, you want to serve your customers in the best way possible. As the borrower, you also want to have a proper and trusted transaction regarding the money you borrow. In order to make the transaction proper and legal, a free personal loan agreement template will surely help you justify the agreement. The agreement is very important to make sure that both sides, the lender and the borrower, understand the agreement.

By using a free personal loan agreement template, things will be easier for you as the lender and also for the borrower. This template will elaborate what agreement you are both agreeing, what are the terms and conditions of your agreement, and also the formal and legal aspect of this transaction. This is also to create a professional environment for both sides to avoid misunderstandings and conflict.

Personal Loan Agreement Template

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A personal loan agreement template is an aid when you, as the lender, want to give the satisfying service to your customers. Of course, you would want them to feel they can trust you as the lender. Thus, if you provide this kind of template to your customers, they will better understand the flow and essence of your agreement. They will be able to understand what really lies beneath the agreement of this transaction. The good thing about this template is that this is simplified to the most convenient and easy term so as to make sure that the agreement is more comprehensible. This way, both sides can avoid misunderstanding which may be caused by the miscommunication within the words of the template.

Customers usually don’t like so many papers to fill in especially when they are in a hurry and that they just want to simplify everything they do. It is a good thing that our personal loan agreement template is simplified from the more complex form to a simpler form to fill out. In this template, you will find the section in paragraph that looks like you are just going to fill up several blanks for information. In the paragraphs, you will find the spaces for your name as the lender, the date, your numbers, the name of the borrower and also the amount of money you are going to lend to the borrower. This is to make sure that important information shall be filled out. On the second paragraph of this template is the agreement on when is the payment, the amount of interest, and the total amount of money the borrower should return by the agreed date. At the end of this template, there will be the signatures of the borrower, the lender and also the witness which will be present during the transaction and agreement. The template is easy to follow, thus making everyone understand immediately.


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