Free Price Quote Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Our free price quote template is a type of document that a vendor and a customer usually have in order to seal an agreement between the two regarding any products or services at a price. This type of invoice clearly states what the products are to be used and the description concerning those said items, which is very helpful in the case of the seller because they have a record of the market sales that they’ve issued.

This free price quote template can be used for any starting business because it is easy to use and easy to understand in a way that every detail and data that needs to be inputted are already there on paper.

Price Quote Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Price Quote Template



With this type of document, business dealers have lesser problems about keeping track of their records when it comes to purchases and deals that they have made with consumers or sellers. This invoice is very good for economic purposes because it promotes a market strategy that supports the usage of the form. Everything has been placed in detail with the invoice because you can clearly type in or write the data. Above the table meant for descriptions of what you’ve sold are the personal information between you and the consumer. The price quote invoice template provides the business dealer with the personal information of the customer regarding their name, company name, address, city and contact number. On the right side of the document is the price quote, where the quotation number, date of issue, payment terms, shipping date, and the salesperson.

The table below provides everything such as the number of items, the product numbers, the product description, the unit price, the discount of the price and the actual price. This helps the business dealer with the accurate information they need to keep track of what they have sold, therefore giving them an idea of what they can do in order to boost their sales and keep track of their market. With this price quote template, you’ll be able to help your business bloom. Below the table is a section for the cash breakdown of what you’ve sold and not only that, the template also has the price after discount and vat and the total price. And below the breakdown are two sets of signature with the salesperson and the procurement manager. This price quote template document will give you everything you need in order to keep track, record and understand the sales that you’ve made with other people and it’s very easy to use and very simple to understand and can be tracked every other day when recording the facts that you need for future purposes. This type of document helps young business dealers with their market sales and etc.

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