Free Proforma Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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When you’re a seller or a buyer, you’re going to need an invoice which will help the two parties safely decide upon a written commitment concerning the items and the price range that you two must agree upon. Through these requirements, we offer to you our free proforma invoice template.

This free proforma invoice template will surely help you out in terms of business and marketing strategy. It also serves as a very good receipt, a simple list and a sort of contract between the two parties.

Proforma Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Proforma Invoice Template


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The proforma invoice template has a relatively easy design and structure to follow. All the details you need are all right in there in the document, so there shouldn’t really be any difficulties concerning the descriptions of the following information that you have to input. Basically, the first thing you’re going to see in this template are the many descriptions concerning a lot categories that are highly important. Information between the two parties involved (sender and recipient) should be clearly stated within the perimeters of the invoice. And information about that should involve the name, the address, the city, state, ZIP code, country and telephone number. This is to make sure that no errors will be made during the shipping process and such. Now on the right side of the template, you have to input a lot of details concerning the proforma invoice number, the date of when it was issued, the terms of sales, the reasons for export, any additional remarks and the authorized signatures of the people included.

Following after the descriptions at the very top of the proforma invoice template, you’ll find the table. The table is going to be the whole substance of the document, because in here, you’ll find the information you’re going to need for the whole proforma template to fully serve its purpose in the first place. You’re going to enclose many details concerning the item number, the description of that said item, the quantity per item, the unit price per item, and the total amount all in all. Lastly, at the very bottom of the template, you’ll have the breakdown of the entire thing compartmentalized into a small section. Through this, you’ll be able to clearly see the subtotal and the due balance the other party still has to give to you. It is also easier on your part and the other party as well, because it’s a clear solid proof that you’ve both come to terms with your own conditions and that you wholeheartedly agree with the invoice given to you. All in all, it’s a very helpful document which can greatly complement your style of work.

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