Free Project Schedule Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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When it comes to projects that are often defined by the fact that their due dates are getting really close, most people will have trouble trying to keep up with deadlines and etc. Now this is main reason why people like company holders or business people should basically acquire our free project schedule template.

Through our free project schedule template, you’ll be able to safely follow a very strict and patterned schedule that will lead you to the path of getting your project on that deadline quickly and efficiently, with no setbacks whatsoever.

Project Schedule Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Project Schedule Template


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This project schedule template is something that everybody, regardless of the fact that they’re employees or employers should have. It’s something that will highly encourage you to work faster, because when you finish a simple task, regardless of how long it took, it will give you more motivation to more even harder on the next task at hand. With this template, you’ll be able to follow a pattern in which every task that you do is connected to the next one. It’s something that will give you motivation to keep going for your project to be finished earlier. It also works the same way for the employers or the leaders of that certain task as well, because seeing people work on their right schedule on their right time will give you a sense of utter unity with the team of people you’ve chosen to work with.

Now this project schedule template has a more or less complicated structure to follow as compared to the rest of the templates because it’s sort of table but the flow it follows has a different feel to it. However, you can understand it perfectly because all you have to do is to make sure that all the right information and data fall under the right category. With this template, you’ll be working with weeks instead of individual days and a lot has to happen in one week basically. There will also be a starting date, which will fall through until the very last date. And the project can also be split into phases, depending on how phases there are in the first place. Horizontally, the table adds in the specific dates of when those tasks are scheduled as well, which gives the document a lot more competence and details. Inside the table, you’ll simply add in all the job details set on that particular week and etc. Now there is also a second sheet available for the taking, which is all about the company information. With this, you’ll have all details about your very own company, which is very important because it oozes transparency for some people.

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