Free Project Timeline Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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When you’re planning a huge project or organizing a gigantic event, then you’re going to need our free project timeline template. It’s a template which will surely be useful to your skills as somebody managing the time and schedule of an important project. It will not only help you improve productivity but it will help you with practicality as well.

This free project timeline template is something that most people need to have, because it practices transparency for the people checking up on it and discipline because as such, you’re going to need to follow this schedule in order to achieve the highest productivity of your project.

Project Timeline Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Project Timeline Template


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This project timeline template may at first seem complicated and heavy to the human eye but that’s what the beauty about it is. Just because it may seem complicated and heavy doesn’t entirely mean that it is. It just means that this template highly values details and proper organization as compared to other templates that may overlook such details. The structure, design, content and style was made like that for the benefit of the people working on it and for the benefit of others who may check up on the template as well. Now, the first thing you’ll see at the very top of the template is the name of the company, the name of the project, the leader of the project, the starting date of that said project. It helps to have a broad overview of the whole thing before delving into the details, so that people looking at the document will have an idea beginning to form in their heads.

Now on the other half of the project timeline template is the table. The table is going to be the soul of the whole document, because it has all these subtitles, subcategories and sub-details that are highly important when it comes to tracking and following their progress. Also, you should take note that you can start this template either at the very beginning of the project, the middle of the project or at when the project is finished. It all depends on you, regarding on when you want to start knowing the timeline of the project itself. The table for the template is very simple to follow, though it may seem complicated due to the many details and the structure it follows. It follows this specific order: the name of the activity, the lead person in charge, the starting date, the end date, the number of days, the work day, the percentage of how complete it is, and the corresponding weeks that will follow. It is noted that you can have as many activities as you wish to have, because this template all depends on you.

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