Free Project Tracking Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Projects are really hard to organize, especially if you don’t have any skills of organizing things in the first place. And sometimes, people often take advantage of the fact that the project due date is days or miles away, which might lead to the possibility of the whole getting swamped into one day, which is not acceptable. However, through our free project tracking template, you won’t have the temptation to skip ahead to the easy parts of your work.

Through this free project tracking template, it’ll be easier for you to be reminded of certain things to do on certain days, which is what most people need in order to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Project Tracking Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Project Tracking Template


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This project tracking template is such of vital importance when it comes organizing projects or looking after events that take a huge amount of your time and effort. Now, most projects and events need to be checked upon regularly in order to see the performance and productivity throughout the days. When you see your project getting more and more distinct and firm, then you are often hit with the urge to make more of it, to build it higher and majestic. Therefore, it gives you confidence and encouragement to do better. Through this template, you are highly reminded of the reason why you built this project in the first place. It tests your skills and gives you practicality in many, many ways. That’s why, we highly recommend this template in the first place.

This project tracking template isn’t very hard to understand. There are two sheets made available for you and the first sheet is basically a huge table where you input all of your information and data regarding the project that you need to keep track of. There are actually a lot of details involved, which is a completely good thing because to have a detail-oriented template will lead to more doors opening in the future ahead, where you’ll be very organized and particular about the paperwork and etc. Now the first thing you have to do in this template is that you have to input information about the company building the project in the first place and you have to take note of a lot of details in the following table, which are as follows: status, priority, deadline, task, description, assignee, deliverable, percentage of how done it is and minor notes about the project itself. Then you can have as many projects as you want, because in the template itself, there can be more than one project happening simultaneously. Now moving on to the second sheet, where it’s all about the details of the company, This is important, just in case anybody wants to learn more about the details concerning the people about the company. This part talks about the status and priority of the entire project inside the template.

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