Free Rent Invoice Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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This free rent invoice template provides you with the details that you and your tenant have discussed over time. This document is very important, especially when you are keeping record of the receipts that you’ve received for the things that you’ve rented. It’s good to have this document because it helps you out should there be any irregularities or errors in the requirements exchanged between you and the tenant.

With the free rent invoice template, you’ll have the upper hand just in case there are any problems with the other party or vice versa. If you’re somebody who wishes to keep track of these things without any dispute then its good practice to start handing out this type of documents so that you and your tenants will be able to keep track of the payments that are due and payments that are overdue for the products the two of you have exchanged.

Rent Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Rent Invoice Template



When it comes to the rent invoice template, it’s expected that there should be the required contact information from the tenant like the name, address and telephone number, because without it, you might not be able to contact that person during rising situations such as an unpaid loan or an overdue payment. In our template, there is the company name and logo, which is good for formal situations in which the two parties exchange documents. There is also an address and phone number from the company in case the tenant has any questions that need answering. On top of the document, a space has been made for the document number, which is good in case you lose your own copy and have to find the duplicate elsewhere. Date and rent period has also been specified under the document number.

Below the tenant information in this rent invoice template is the table meant specifically for the rental of the items. This is greatly detailed in terms of the name of the item, the description, the quantity, the unit price and the amount. These categories are very important because it asks for precise information about the product which will help you out when you’re looking for a long overdue item. In cases where there might be duplication, the item description can help you figure out which item is rightfully yours and etc. Below the entire table of the template, there is a section for the subtotal, which you can use to of the discounts which you have issued and the total balance the rental costs. Documents such as the rent invoice forms will be very useful in keeping track of the rentals that people have made from you or what you have made from them. Some people might not have this type of document at the ready but it’s very practical for someone handling a small business to have because it will lessen the chances of people taking advantage of just rentals.

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