Free Rent Receipt Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Ever needed a more firm and concrete evidence that you’ve paid your rent on time? Ever needed something that will help keep track of the payments that you’ve made for your landlord for the apartment that you’re living in? Or maybe it’s the other way around. Have you ever wanted a template that will help cater the needs of your tenants, giving them assurance that they have paid their rent on time and you’ve noted it down willingly? If that’s the case, then this free rent receipt template is a good thing to have in your working area.

Through the usage of this free rent receipt template, not will you have a more viable evidence of the payments that have been willingly exchanged with each other. It’s also good for tracking and keeping records of money transactions, which is a highly important thing to take note of.

Rent Receipt Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

rent receipt template


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This template is basically a receipt made for rent payments. Now everybody knows how much of a headache paying rents are because there are a lot of demands that have to be made and such. And you have to make sure that you pay on time or else there will be a lot more to pay afterwards. So paying rents are a necessary evil in our lives and therefore people should learn how to keep tabs on them more often. They should also learn to value the idea of keeping receipts and recording them at all costs because by following this kind of practical method, one will be able to fully implement the use of receipts in the first place. It’s to keep track of the goods and services that you’ve bought but in this case, it is to keep track of the money transactions that have been exchanged or passed between you and the tenant or between you and the landlord. That’s why the rent receipt template was introduced in the first place.

Now looking at the rent receipt template, you’ll notice that there are three sheets with the same content. This is for the sake of you and the tenant as well, especially since the two of you need your own copies in order to keep track of and record too. In the template itself, you’re going to see a lot of details. All you have to do in order for this template to fully serve its purpose is that you have to input the correct information and the right details in order to make sure that everything comes well together. In cases like these, you have to be very careful because you’re probably not going to be able to get another copy of these receipts in the future. The information you have to input includes the date of when the payment was made and the number of its issue as well. You also have to include data about who received the payment, the sum of the payment, the reason for the payment, the time period of the payment, who received the payment, and the method of payment. So all in all, this is a very useful template to have when you’re a landlord because it helps to increase the practicality and transparency between you and the other person.

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