Free Reward Chart Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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It might not be easy to think of your workplace as an area where you can have fun and receive amazing stuff at the end of every shift but it’s quite possible actually. It all depends on the employer. Now, if you’re an employee, you can just as easily suggest our free reward chart template to your boss but if you are the boss then it is well appreciated that you have one of these templates pinned in your working area.
Through our free reward chart template, not only will you have a good tracking system in which you’ll be able to see which employees are doing their job well but you can also use this template to be able to consider the point system. It’s a very fun template to have, and it will also boost the morale of your employees by encouraging them to work harder.

Reward Chart Template

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At first glance, you’re probably going to get confused with the structure and format of the reward chart template. It’s not like all the other templates that you might’ve encountered but no worries, because through this template, you’ll learn all about the value of teamwork and satisfaction. That’s the whole point of the document basically. So in your workplace, if you’re the boss of a lot of employees, you might want to find some ways in order to boost their morale or to encourage them to work harder and with more efficiency. This is why this template was introduced in the first place. Now when you look at it, you’re going to see that there are a bunch of individual boxes which relate to the days of the week. For example, as shown in the template itself, you can see that Monday is related to the orange box, Tuesday is related with the pink box, Wednesday is related to the green box and etc. The main reason for that kind of structure is to make this template very pleasing to the eyes and to have more life when it comes to it.
In this reward chart template, it’s colorful but it’s also very useful. In each box, you can see that there are details and information that you have to fill out, which highly includes the activity and point system. It all depends on what the activity was. For example, as the employer or the boss, you can give out points to the activity which was business presentation on Monday or you can give out points to the activity which was marketing plan on Wednesday and so on and so forth. Now on the right side of the template, you basically have the overview or the summary of the reward system, which talks about the reward and the points needed in order to gain that reward. Be mindful that for every template, you can only cater to one group or to one individual. At the bottom of the summary, you also have a table which shows how much points you’ve gained on that particular day. There’s also a legend at the very bottom which shows the color code per day of the week. All in all, this template is a great asset to have when you’re trying to show how much of a good employer or boss that you are.

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