Free Sales Receipt Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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If you’re looking for a more permanent receipt with all the specific details and requirements already printed on the document itself, then you’re definitely going to be needing our free sales receipt template. This template has all the components a regular sales receipt has but it’s more focused with getting the details right if you have a specific person or company in mind that you want to send the sales and goods too. So it’s a very valuable asset to have.

By using this free sales receipt template, you will be more focused with the information you have to give to the recipient since this isn’t one of your regular sales receipt where it’s just a simple breakdown of what you’ve bought along with the VAT percentage and etc. With this template, it will strengthen the trust between two transacting bodies.

Sales Receipt Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

sales receipt template


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The sales receipt template has all the components you’d normally find in a receipt you might receive from a 24/7 store or even the mall. Now everybody can vouch for the importance of sales receipts, because they are the only concrete evidence or proof that you’ve bought something from within that area. There are times where people will ask for that receipt as well, especially if you’re under investigation or if the money you used to buy wasn’t yours in the first place. Whatever the reasons are, it’s still best to have one of these templates to call as your own. So in this template, the receipt will be specifically addressed to a person or a company and it will reflect on the invoice the information and details that are highly needed in order to cater to the requirements or demands of the template itself.

So the first thing you’re going to notice in this sales receipt template is that the information box at the very top of the document talks about a lot of things such as the date of when the receipt was issued and what the receipt number is about. Following after that will be the information about the company that are delivering the goods and services, which involves data about where they can be contacted and what means can be used to contact them, either through telephone number or through gmail account. If it ever comes to a point such as that, then it will be reflected in the invoice itself. Now you have to add in details about where the goods and services will be sold to, and information like this involves the name, the company name, the street address, the city, the state, the ZIP code, the phone number and the customer ID. You are also given a section in which you have to specify what mode of payment will be used and etc. Also the table at the end of the template talks about the quantity, the item number, the description, the unit price, the discount, the line total of the goods and services enclosed in the document. Lastly, there is a small breakdown at the end of the sheet which talks about the different VATs and etc. Now, there are three sheets made available in this template which includes a copy of the sales receipt and the details between the two parties involved.

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