Free Security Deposit Form for Excel 2007 – 2016

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The use of this free security deposit form template is often connected to tenants and landlords, because it’s a very vital thing to have when people are living under your roof. There are a lot of factors which can be used in order for this template to be used as well, such as for not paying on time or payment for leaving before the end of your lease. Therefore, it also serves as a receipt on the part of a landlord and a promissory note for the tenant.

Through the use of this free security deposit form template, not only will you be abiding by the rules of your state (if there are any) but you will also be able to keep a lot of details concerning the leave of your tenant and when it comes to people and money, you’re definitely going to need a proper list.

Security Deposit Form

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Security Deposit Form


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If you’re a landlord of a certain apartment or building and your tenant decides to move out before their lease ends or if there are certain damages to your property and etc., then you’re definitely going to be the security deposit form template. It’s called security deposit form because you have to make sure that the money your tenants are handing to you will be used to make sure that your apartment or building is safely secured from any additional problems and such. Through the use of this template and if you’re a landlord, you will also be able to keep track of the charges or fees that you’ve made against your tenant and if you’re a tenant of that certain apartment, then you’ll be able to soothe the worries of your landlord gradually. Therefore, it’s quite a win-win situation for both parties, as long as you abide by the information and details required in the given document.

In the security deposit form template, the first thing you’re going to see is the information about the vacating resident, along with their name, their apartment number and their move-out date. This is to help them in cases where there might be confusion in the part of the landlord so it’s quite helpful to state this first thing in the template. Following after that will be a small letter or note from the landlord, which provides the tenant with details about the moving out process and that there is a required 30-day time period before the tenant or resident has to leave. After the minor note, you’re going to see the two tables meant for the charges, other charges and list of damages. In here, the landlord is free to list down the itemized lists that are in need of payment from the tenant, so the resident will be greatly informed of the amount of security that they have to deposit. There’s also a minor breakdown at the very last part as well, which talks about the amount, the total deductions, the deposit balance due reside, and the balance owed by the resident. So with this template, it’s very helpful on both sides of the tenant and landlords, because it helps to keep track and manage things really well.

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