Free Sign Up Sheet Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Every event is going to have a huge crowd or an audience at that. And for those event organizers or project leaders who wish to be able to keep contact with these people in case there are any future events or projects worth spreading. That’s why you are in need of our free sign up sheet template.

With this free sign up sheet template, you’ll be able to have a record of those people who came and watched or participated in your event. In that way, you’ll be able to inform them of any future plans and etc.

Sign Up Sheet Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Sign Up Sheet Template



Sign up sheets are very important to have during huge events or projects because it’s the only way you’ll be able to have a neat and organized way for people to line up to you and write down their contact information willingly. If it’s not willingly given, you might be called out for spam or for privacy reasons. So sign up sheets are one of the methods you surely need to have because it’s one of the most guaranteed ways for you to keep up with these large sum of people and contact them in the near future. That’s why we highly recommend our sign up sheet template since it will make your job as an event organizer a little bit easier in terms of these situations and circumstances. Now if you’re not sure how to use this sign up sheet then we’re going to tell you how to. First, you add in the details at the very top which talks about the project that you’re hosting and then to people who are lining to sign up will simply add in their credentials, names and etc.

With this sign up sheet template, you’ll be able to work with a neatly organized and well plotted table that handles any information regarding the people who’ve walked in and participated in your event. Now the information involves a lot of things such as the job or activity that has been assigned to that person, their name, their current address so that they can be easily found, their phone number, their email address, and lastly there’s a section provided for little notes about that person and etc. There’s also a little bit of an information box at the very top regarding an overview of the project or the event. It includes the date of when the project is going to happen, time it’s going to start and place of where it’s located. See? This template is very organized and it will be easy for you and the people who will be working with you soon to input the right information regarding the categories and such. This template is simply something you should have, especially if you’re an event organizer or project leader.

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