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If you’re part of a business which often ships things overseas or abroad or anything like the sort, then this free simple invoice template is definitely the one for you. Not only will it help you list down the goods and services that you’re going to ship to your customers or clients but it will also serve as a temporary receipt to the receiving party, which is highly important when it comes to business deals and etc.

This free simple invoice template is something that is highly required in terms of business and marketing because you’re going to need a proper list of the goods and services that you’ve rendered for other people. It’s something that will help you practice discipline and productivity.

Simple Invoice Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Simple Invoice Template



The simple invoice template is something that you can often find in most starter businesses, since it’s a simple document that is easily understandable and easy to maneuver as well. However, there is no shame in using a document such as this, because it’s a great way to help kick start your business to the roofs. By using this template, you’ll be able to fully have a functional document which talks about the simplest things, such as goods and services that you’ve given to your customers or clients. A lot of businesses are using this document because it helps to give you a list that will encourage you to keep track of your sales while it can also serve as a temporary receipt to the two parties involved. Yes, there are two parties involved and they are the person who is billing the sales in the first place and the person who is receiving the sales that they’ve bought. Now the reason why it’s called simple invoice is because there is no need for limitations about the kinds of things that you can list down in this format. You have absolute freedom to do whatever you wish with this template.

Now, in this simple invoice template, the first thing you’re going to see is the contact information about the company that you’re working for in the first place, along with the street address, the city, the street, the zip code, the phone number along with details about the fax, the email of the company and with the website as well. The next thing will be contact information exchanged between the two parties and information involving them includes the name, the company name, the street address, the city, the street, the zip code and the phone number. Now that you have details about the people involved in the exchanging of goods, you are given a first table which is basically an overview of who is charge of the business deal, the shipping method, the shipping date, the terms and the due date of when the services are expected to arrive. Following after that small table is the bigger table which is the essence of the entire template. It talks about the ID number, the description, the quantity, the unit price, the discount (both in dollars) and the line total. There’s also a minor breakdown at the bottom of the template, which involves the invoice subtotal, the tax rate, the sales tax, the shipping and handling, other, deposit received and the total amount to be paid by the customer. With the help of this template, you won’t ever have any trouble with tracking and keeping records of the sales that you’ve sold to your clients and etc.

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