Free Stock Inventory Control Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Every marketer and business person out there needs to have an organized and itemized list of the things they have in their stock. It’s a good practice to help and not only will it help you boost your knowledge about your business but it can also help you with managing it. This free stock inventory control template is the key to the success of your business.

Now, stock checking is often a tiring process but this free stock inventory control template will help lessen the burden by giving you a well-organized and detail-oriented template. Through this, life as a marketer and business person will surely improve.

Stock Inventory Control Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Stock Inventory Control Template


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The stock inventory control template is of such vital importance, because without it, you’d be a mess when it comes to arranging and keeping track of loads and loads of inventory that you don’t even have a proper list about. It’s important to have one of these templates, because it helps clear your head a little when you first catch sight of the many supplies and stocks that you have to deal with. Also, without this template, you’ll be at a loss to what to report to your boss or what document to use when it comes to the reports and etc. Because whether you realize or not, you need this template because it’s the very essence of your market or business. These are the things and materials you need in order to boost your business and if you don’t have a proper track record of all these things, then what exactly is the point? And also, not only will you have a detailed list but you will also have control on what to do next with the information that you’ve gathered accordingly. That’s why we assure you that you definitely need this template from us.

Now, the stock inventory control template is divided into two sheets. The first sheet is, expectedly enough, where everything and all details are inputted. The thing that will catch your eye first is the information of the company located at the very top and a small breakdown of details regarding the amount you’ve received, the amount of products you’ve sold out, the total inventories and balances and etc. Now the following table is where it gets really complicated because all details involving the category of the items, the items received, the items sold out and the current inventory are all listed there. Within each category, you’ll find the rank, the number order, the product name and etc. depending on what kind of category that the details fall under. There’s also a second sheet meant solely for the inventory book, where you’ll list down the no. order and the product name. See? It’s just a matter of discipline and practice when it comes to adding in all the details and data that are highly important when checking up on your stock inventory. So hopefully, you’ll change your mind and download one right now.

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